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What is history? Is It only a subject or a theory? Is it about our imagination or our past…? If we think of it as a concept then how do to define it? Though there can not be a single definition of history accepted by all but we can still try to define it based on our own understanding…

It is knowledge about what has already happened. It is continuous record of events. It can be called a systematic or critical analysis of past events. when we read a historical event, it is basically a sequence of events which had been happened in connection with other events in a particular point of time.

It is generally accepted that we cannot see history with our eyes, it is basically about yesterday. But at the same time it is not beyond our imagination. History like a past event cannot be changed but whatever we do today, will become history tomorrow.

Therefore we can either repeat it or change it completely. History can be understood as an  important tool of gaining knowledge. And with using the same, we can improve our present and make a better future.

Provided this argument, we can say that the history does not only involve the past but it is also about the present and the future. It would be an illusion to think that the history can not be seen because whatever we see and observe in this universe is already involved in the process of history making. A lot also depends upon the interpretations and the way we perceive it.

(Author is a Madarsa student from Azamgarh, Currently doing Bridge Course from Aligarh Muslim University)


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