On the 70th Independence day The underprivilege welfare society launched “Education awareness campaign” among the disadvantaged section of society and distributed pen, pencil, notebooks and books among children of Batla house Slum area. On this occasion, trust President Md Amanullah said: “Independence is meaningless without equal participation of all the groups of our society. Education is the most potent weapon to bring the disadvantaged group into the main stream of the nation and bring change in their life. These children only need equal opportunity to shine like stars”.



Board of Directors Arshad Javed, Sheheryar Khan, Mustabshira Nasir conducted drawing competition and distributed prizes among children. Under Supervision of Dr Shehzaad Trust members also organised free blood check-up for th e resident of  Batla house slum area.

Under the leadership of Md Amanullah and Afsa Junaid trust members Mustabshira Nasir, Muhibbul Majumdar, Arshad Javed, Nasima Choudhary and Darakhshan conducted door to door education, health and hygiene awareness campaign. Members motivated parents to send their children to the school as well as informed them how to protect their children from the disease like dengue, malaria and diarrhoea etc. They also collected data of the children not attending the schools and later trust would send students from different universities to teach these children free of cost.

NOTE- Underprivilege welfare trust is an initiative taken by Jamia student Md Amanullah and Afshan Khan along with Delhi University, JNU student with the sole purpose to educate the children of slum areas, to change their lives through education. To achieve the same goal, trust asks University students to contribute 2-3 hrs per week in nearby slum area to educate these children. Be a part of their noble endeavour, contact them if You are interested. A little contribution from your side can change the life of a person for good.

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