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New Delhi : Department of Chemistry, Jamia Millia Islamia is organizing a week long GIAN programme on “Recent Developments in Nano Materials for Energy and Health Care Applications” from December 19-24, 2016 under the aegis of MHRD’s flagship programme- Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN) in Higher Education.

A series of 10 lectures will be delivered by Prof. K.V. Ramanujachary, Rowan University, New Jersey, USA who is an eminent expert in the field of Nanomaterials, Magnetism, Energy and Health care.

The primary objectives of the course are to— expose the participants to the concept of nano materials; inform them about the importance of particle dimensions on the structural, textural, physical and chemical properties; to provide participants with an understanding of magnetism at nano-scale and its implications in medicinal applications and to train and enhance the knowledge of participants in the area of water splitting by using nano-sized catalysts as electrodes.

The course will also provide exposure to practical issues and problems associated with the use of nano-materials for drug delivery and their healing efficiency for cancer.

Prof. K.V. Ramanujachary, the visiting international faculty, is a Senior Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Rowan University, New Jersey, USA. His research interests encompass advanced Materials for Hydrogen Production through the design of novel electro-catalytic materials, oxide Chemistry of transition metals, mixed metal Chalcogenides, electrical and magnetic properties of materials, conducting Polymers, Electrochemical Sensors and heterogeneous catalysis.

Prof. Chary has developed novel methods of fabrication of ceramic materials, inorganic oxides and other novel functional nano materials. He is an exponent in the operation and interpretation of modern material characterization techniques such as XRD, SEM-EDAX, TEM, AFM, STM, EMPA, ICP-MS, ESR among others. He is fellow of American Chemical Society and has published more than 200 papers in highly reputed journals.

Dr. Tokeer Ahmad, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Jamia Millia Islamia is the host faculty of the GIAN programme.


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