It’s neither about lies nor about truth it’s about you how you behaved.
My pain is my pain and my problems are mine but when it comes to u and you are not fine.
I am the one making you my priority but when it comes to me you are not ready to cross the line.
Keeping me as a second option and not giving importance to what I say.
Will cost you more when I am not going to stay.
So its upto you now to mend your ways.
That’s all what I am trying to say before it’s too late.
Tying me with you without even rectifying yourself will not help.
Because my body will be there but not the real me anywhere.
So it will be wise to stop acting like you care when you clearly don’t.
You already have started to wreck havoc on our bond.
Never wanted to say it but you didn’t leave me a choice.
It’s the words that I never wanted to ever give voice.
I am not gone I am still here but if you are going to lie again I won’t be there.
It’s not that I am angry it’s just that you made me upset, if you are saying that you’ll do it than please do it or else be very clear.
Because the lies are lies and truth I can bear.
But when it comes to you lying to me I so want to disappear.
Because when I trusted you I trusted you alot and you are breaking that trust without it being my fault.
Lie all that you want to anyone but me.
Because I just love you not the liar that you are coming to be.

Wajiha Naaz for Yuva Adda.


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