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It was 5’ o clock at evening; I was standing on the bridge waiting for my friend who planned for a movie, It was pleasant and lovely climate that my heart was full of peace and life, I started roaming on the bridge and thinking about my friends arrival will he come or not.
Suddenly a girl crossed through my sight, I could not resist myself and I turned back, then I realised how beautiful she looked. She was very cute as well as charming.
She stood just few meters from me, she gazed her eyes on the water below the bridge, I felt like looking at full moon in water, It seemed that she was waiting for someone.
I wanted to talk to her immediately I looked at my phone from pocket and started texting “where are you “how much time will you take? I got a reply from my friends “half an hour “Thank God ! I said myself.
My heart beat had gone faster thinking about what I should ask her My heart replied “Just go and talk to her”. Do not miss her…Go ….
I tried to just have a quick talk with her, I said All is well to myself.
Me: Hi.. ( no reply )
Me: Hello..
She: Hello.
Me: Hi.. This is lucky…
She: Aisha..
I said to myself “Aisha!” what a nice name, Lucky loves Aisha … Great !
Me: If you do not mind may I know who you are waiting for.
She: what? (she enlarged her eyes)
Me: can I say something to you?
She: What?
Me: your name sounds very sweet as your face…and…
She: And?
Me: nothing…( now she walked away from me and I silently followed her )
She: Now what?
Me: Can we have a cup of coffee?
She: No.
Me: Please.
She: No.
Me: at least we can have pani pori or chocolate…anything that you like…
She: you are soo crazy… (she smiled)
(I felt like I entered to a heaven)
Me: please, please, please..
She: okay..
Me: ohhh! Thank you… Thank you soo much…
She: It’s okay…
(We walked and I kept looking at her. I felt mesmerised. I looked at her face, hair, innocent smile and she looked like an angel I had never seen before).
Me: can I say something to you?
She: what (she again enlarged her eyes…)
Me: Nothing … (I was scared)
By the way, what does your father do?
She: Doctor..
Me to myself: Thank God he is not a police!
(A poor boy came in front of her and she stretched her arm to help him)
Now I knew that she is also very kind.
She looked at me and asked me whether I had to say something.
Me: actually! I…I..
She: yeah…You?
I kept quit for a moment.
Me: let us move from here now…
She: what? Are you serious? You want to go?
Me: No… Something is going to happen here … run.. (I hold her hand and started running away from the bridge) The exact thing happened what I had expected A great killer wave struck the bridge and the peoples, shops, vehicles and everything drowned into the water.
She: thanks…
Me: it was my duty.
She: what?
(I can notice a calm smile on her face. Rescue operation team arrived and ambulance reached to help the people. We were standing a few meters away from there)
Me: Hey.. You stay here I will go and help them…
She: I will also come with you…
Me: No….
She: why….?
Me: if anything happens to you there, I cannot ….
She: you can not…what?
Me: Nothing
She: let me help them too…please
Me: (smilingly) Be careful…
She was helping people and talking to them and supporting rescue team to do their work I kept observing her, how positive her attitude was…I unexpectedly shouted “Aisha….”
A huge truck had hit her hard.
I ran towards her, I hold her in my arms, Aisha…open your eyes Aisha… please…She was continuously bleeding from her head
She: you want to say something to, me naa?
Me: Aisha.. Please do not close your eyes…
I shouted doctor…..ambulance….
I hold her in my hands and started running towards ambulance
She: you want to say something to me naa Please say it…now…
Me: yeah…Aisha…I love you, please do not close your eyes, do not leave me.
She : If I will be alive, I will live with you forever……she closed her eyes after that sentence by holding my shoulder…
Me: Aisha……Noo…..Aisha…
Me unable to accept the reality that Aisha was no more…I collapsed…
Suddenly an old man came, took her from my arm and carried her in his arms and started weeping.
Me: who are you?
He: Aisha’s father…
I kept thinking why I was crying, her father knows her from birth , her friends know her from childhood but I do not know anything about her except her name and few minutes of conversation, then why I am crying… the answer is that within few minutes she became my all emotions (Love).
Being together from years do not mean that it is love Knowing each other likes do not mean it is love It is something more than that , which drives your emotions within few minutes.
Love does not mean that we should be together for lifelong physically…It is being together emotionally life long…
(Aisha means lovely…Lucky loves lovely……)

(Abdul Malin from Maris Stella College, AP)


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