By Madhu Agrawal 

At a time when a large number of people in India are deprived of food in present era of heavy prices of vegetables and other food-items, it is indeed a matter of great regret that large quantity of food is wasted in marriage-relate and other functions. Even in buffet-system, people often take food-items much more than consumed throwing large quantity of food-items as waste.

Since most such wastage of food is in marriage-functions, there should be a ban on serving food in marriage-parties.  Only soft drinks and beverages should be allowed in marriage-related functions. It will also make marriage-functions affordable by common people.

It may be recalled that similar ban was successfully imposed by the then Prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri after 1965 Indo-Pak war when complete country was in grip of food-crisis. Even though India might have become food-sufficient now, but wastage of food must not be allowed that too to exhibit richness and status in marriage-related functions resulting in problems for unaffording ones who have compulsion to go with tradition of serving food in such functions.


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